Six Great Reasons To Invest In A New Residential Garage Door

 December 3, 2018

Making the decision to buy a new garage door can be a difficult one to make because it is such a big investment. A new residential garage door is definitely a significant investment, but it is one that should last for an extended period of time and one that may only have to be done once.

If you are considering replacing an old garage door, looking for a new door to update the look of your home, or trying to find a new garage door for new construction, K&B Door Company in Las Vegas, Nevada offers the top brand names in residential garage doors. If you need help deciding whether to replace your garage door, consider these six great reasons to invest in a new garage door from K&B Door Company:

1) Increase The Value Of Your Home

An old, dated garage door can negatively impact the market value of your house, but in contrast investing in a new door can greatly increase home value. In the annual Cost Vs. Value from Remodeling Magazine, you will find that purchasing a new garage door offers the highest return on investment. It recoups about 98 percent of the job cost through the increase in resale value.

2) Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

The garage door is one of the first things people see when they come to your home. It can significantly impact the exterior appearance of the house. New garage doors come in a wide variety of styles and colors to fit the individual design scheme of your home.

3) Enhanced Safety And Security

Garage doors play a significant role in maintaining the security of your home and protecting your loved ones and possessions. An old garage door along with components such as springs or tracks can weaken over time and increase the risk of it snapping or causing damage or injury. A new garage door and a new garage door opener is also better equipped to withstand a potential break in from intruders or burglars.

4) Take Advantage Of Smart Technology

The vast of new garage doors and new door openers come with the unique advantage of smart technology. Using a smartphone app, you can monitor activity of your door and even control when it opens or closes. Through the app, you are notified each time your door is opened or closed giving you real time alerts of potential intruders. It also allows you to open the door for approved guests.

5) Reduce Energy And Maintenance Costs

Old garage doors without added insulation or adequate weather stripping can greatly affect the indoor temperature of your home causing an increase in energy bills just to heat or cool your home. A new garage door installed to exact specifications will provide a better seal that will help to keep your home comfortable in all seasons. An older garage door will likely require more maintenance or repairs in order to keep it running efficiently.

6) Take Better Advantage Of The Space

With a new garage door, you may even be able to extend the possibilities of what you can do in the space. With better insulation from in a new garage door, you can take advantage of the space by turning into a workspace, home gym, art studio, or whatever you may need it to be.

New Garage Doors Las Vegas

K&B Door Company carries top brand names in new residential garage doors and openers in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. If you are looking for a new garage door for your home, contact us today at (702) 871-0662 and see all that K&B Door Company can offer you.

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