Know The Difference: 4 Types Of Commercial Doors

 November 26, 2018

Are you looking for a new commercial garage door for your business, but are unsure about the different types and which will best fit your building? Commercial garage doors can provide a number of functions for your business including serving as an entrance, allowing for proper ventilation, lighting, and can provide the protection needed to keep your products and business safe.

K&B Door Company offers new commercial garage doors that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to meet the needs of your business and the design style you envision.

4 Types Of Commercial Garage Doors

Each type of commercial garage door offers individual advantages that come with their unique functions. Deciding which type of door is best for your business is easier to do when you have an understanding of what they each have to offer. At K&B Door Company, we offer the following types of commercial garage door in a variety of designs and colors and manufactured to your exact specifications:

– Sectional Doors

Sectional commercial garage doors are one of the most common types of doors for businesses. These doors are opened by way of a track system until they are horizontal with the ceiling. Sectional doors can be manufactured in different materials and are constructed with long sections hinged together.

– Roll Up Doors

Roll up doors are among the most affordable commercial garage door options, but are still very dependable. These doors have thin slats that allow the door to flexibly rollup into a single coil and do not require obtrusive rails. The doors are attached within the inside of the walls and led by guides. Roll up doors can come in a variety of sizes to fit many different size spaces.

– Fire Rated Doors

Fire rated commercial garage doors function in the same manner as traditional roll up doors, however they are made of thick stainless steel that is fire resistant. Fire rated doors are made to close automatically in the event of a fire and provide a good option for many types of businesses. Fire rated doors can be custom made to exact specifications in order to accommodate any size space. They are also noise resistant and provide a good amount of insulation.

– Scissor Gates Doors

Scissor gates commercial doors open like a sliding door in a left to right motion and lock just as a normal garage door. Scissor gates doors are made of high quality steel, can be made to cover openings of any size, and provide excellent protection to block outside entryways or as a support for an existing garage door.

Las Vegas Commercial Doors

K&B Door Company offers new commercial garage doors to fit the need of any business. Available in a number of styles, sizes, colors and designs and always constructed of high quality materials, we offer the best in Las Vegas commercial doors. For more information or request an estimate, call us at K&B Door Company today at (702) 871-0662.


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