Garage Door Repair Tips & Tricks Every Homeowner Should Know

 March 29, 2019

If your garage door is not function like you expect it to, there a number of small tips and tricks that you could try on your own before you call your local garage door repair company. The repetitive nature of a garage door’s function can lead to normal wear and tear that can often requires simple maintenance that every homeowner should be able to perform.  


Start By Performing A Visual Inspection


If your garage door has not been functioning as it should, you may simply need a quick fix, but it may also be a job that is better done with a professional’s tips and tricks. Your first step should be to visually inspect the components of your garage door system such as the rollers, tracks, and springs. Look for obvious signs of damage such as a broken spring or roller that has gone off-track. If you see a need for serious repair, it is best to schedule professional garage door repair. They have the training needed too get the job done right and done quickly. If you don’t see any obvious signs of damage, you may try a few easy tips and tricks to get your garage door running smoothly.


Give It A Good Cleaning And Add Lubrication


Sometimes the parts of your garage door system simply need to be cleaned and even lubricated. Rollers, tracks, hinges, latches or even opener chains can all be affected if they become dirty. A thorough wipe down and a little WD-40 or other citrus-based solvent can clear up any build-up that might be affecting the efficiency and function of your door. If needed, you can also apply a light oil or lubricant to help get things rolling smoother. An old toothbrush can be a great tool for cleaning or getting lubricant in each bend or crack. A good cleaning and some extra lubricant can also be helpful in quieting noisy garage doors.


Change Batteries And Check Power Sources


A garage door problem can often be as simple as dead batteries or a power outage. Before you call for a garage door repairman, try putting new batteries in your garage door opener remote or checking your circuit breaker to make sure the opener is getting power.


Check The Sensors


Most newer model garage doors come equipped with motion sensors that are used to ensure the safety of anyone coming in or out of your garage. If there is something in the path of the sensor or if the sensors are not properly aligned, the garage door will not close completely. Double check your sensors and clear anything from their path.


Warm Up A Frozen Door


You may notice that your garage door refuses to open on extremely cold days and the problem may simple be that the garage door has frozen to the ground. Check the bottom of your garage door for ice and take a little time to melt or break it up. Trying to force open a frozen garage door can cause damage including stripped gears, broken coils or a burned out motor.


Replace Weather Stripping


A frozen garage door could also be a good indication that the weather stripping along the sides of the doors may need to be replaced. If your garage door does not have weather stripping installed or if it is showing signs of wear, take the time to add some along the bottom and along the sides of the door in order to protect your garage from outside weather conditions.


Know When To Call For Professional Garage Door Repair


While small fixes can help with minor issues, you should always entrust repairs to a professional garage door repair company. K&B Door Company provides superior Las Vegas garage door repair and garage door maintenance to address any problem or concern you may have. Call (702) 871-0662 today to schedule an appointment.


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