Benefits Of Residential Roll Up Garage Doors In 2019

 June 21, 2019

Garage doors are available in a wide variety of types, designs, and colors, with each type offering its own unique advantages to fit the needs and design style of your home. Choosing the right type of door for your home can be difficult with so many options to choose from, but our expert team at K&B Door Company is here to help. From recommendations to installation, we provide skilled garage door service in Las Vegas.


At K&B Door Company, we strive to stay on top of the latest technology and trends to provide our customers with a garage door that will work well and look good. A growing trend in 2019 has been the use of residential roll up garage doors. Although these doors are typically seen on warehouse or commercial properties, their functionality and other benefits have opened the door for newer designs that can easily fit the style of any residential property.


If you are looking for a new garage door for your Las Vegas home, consider some of the benefits of a roll up door.


What Is A Roll Up Garage Door?


Roll up doors are usually made of steel or aluminum and open by rolling up and down. Individual metal sections are interlocked together and then coil into one roll above the door opening, rather than retracing up and over the floor space of the garage as traditional overhead garage doors.


6 Benefits Of A Roll Up Garage Door


Although these doors are commonly seen on storefronts, storage facilities, and many other commercial businesses, they can be a very practical and beneficial choice for residential garages.


  1. Security


Roll up garage doors are built from durable, high-quality materials providing incredible security. Breaking into these steel or aluminum doors would be extremely difficult providing great protection from home invaders or burglars.


  1. Durable


As mentioned, roll up garage doors are made from heavy-duty, high quality aluminum or steel and are able to withstand a wide variety of weather conditions and constant use. These doors will not rust, bend, or warp and can withstand even the most extreme weather and temperatures. They will last for an extremely long time, even despite continuous use each and every day.


  1. Low Maintenance


Because of their design and materials, roll up garage doors do not require as much maintenance to keep them functioning properly and looking their best. Roll up doors do not have as many moving parts as other types of garage doors, which in turn reduces the amount of maintenance and repairs they need.


  1. Safety


All parts and components of a roll up garage door system are enclosed making it a much safer and reliable option that is less vulnerable to damage.


  1. Take Up Less Space


As the door opens, it rolls directly upward rather than moving along a track system. Roll up garage doors take up less space on the ceiling and provide a greater amount of usable space for storage.


  1. Insulation


Roll up garage doors area also available in insulated options that are extremely effective at keeping heat and cold from making their way in. This can even help improve the temperature and energy efficiency within your home.


K&B Door Company offers residential roll up garage doors in Las Vegas and for surrounding areas. Call us today at (702) 871-0662 to request an estimate.


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